Breeze 9000

Mobile Air Conditioner

Breeze 9000

Mobile Air Conditioner

Apt Breeze 9000 is a self-evaporating air-conditioner, an ideal cooling solution for rooms up to 18 m², featuring cooling, fan, and dry modes. It has two different intensity levels, an LED screen, remote control and a 24-hour timer. The sleep mode is perfect for energy saving during nighttime, and with shortcuts, you can set and activate your favourite pre-settings. The smart sensor function allows your air-conditioner to measure and regulate the room temperature according to your preferences.

Too hot to sleep or too sticky to get anything done? Does it feel stuffy when you open your front door? Enjoy the ultimate cooling experience with this elegant white mobile air-conditioner. Including a Nordic window kit, it is designed to improve the environment in your home, providing consistent energy-efficient temperature control. The timer function enables you to return to a cool and comfortable home, and you can easily move it to another room for spot cooling.

There is also a smaller version available: The Apt Breeze 7000.


Technical specifications

Size (H x W x D)
63.4 x 32.9 x 31.8 cm
Noise level
50 to 64 dB
1000 watts
Model name
Apt 29728

The Apt Breeze 9000 Mobile Air Conditioner - a breath of fresh air.

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