Flow 50

Tower Fan

Flow 50

Tower Fan

The Apt Flow 50 Tower Fan features a stylish, space-saving design and will look as good in your living room as in your office or bedroom. Different breeze styles and wide-angle internal oscillation allow you to adjust the feel of the air.

This enables you to choose whether you want to feel like you are enjoying a gentle breeze through trees or a stronger wind, like walking by the sea - all at the click of a button. It has a remote control and a 12-hour timer. The space-saving and sturdy blade-less internal oscillation design make it an excellent and safe choice should you have smaller children or a pet.


Technical specifications

Size (H x W x D)
125 x 17.2 x 17.2 cm
Noise level
50 to 60 dB
Model name
Apt 29695

The Apt Flow 50 Tower Fan - a breath of fresh air.

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