Silent 20

20L Humidifier

Silent 20

20L Humidifier

The Apt Silent 20 Dehumidifier is your ultimate home moisture control solution. Its powerful 20L/day water removal capacity effectively eliminates excess moisture in rooms up to 40m2. Equipped with adjustable settings, swing function, timer, auto-stop, and child lock, it offers unparalleled convenience and safety. The built-in auto-defrosting feature ensures optimal performance even in colder temperatures. Its 3.8L water collection tank and 1.5m drainage pipe offer flexibility for manual and continuous water drainage options. This dehumidifier is easy to move with its wheels and is your reliable companion for a comfortable living environment.

Indulge in ultimate comfort with the Apt Silent 20 Dehumidifier. Extracting 20L of water daily maintains ideal humidity levels in rooms up to 40m². It ensures a soothing environment with adjustable settings and versatile modes. The flexible angle-swing function spreads purified air evenly, while features like auto-stop, auto defrosting, and child lock guarantee convenience and safety. Effortlessly move it with wheels, and enjoy continuous dehumidification with a large water collection tank and drainage pipe.


Technical specifications

Water tank
3.8 litres
Size (H x W x D)
62.9 x 30.6 x 4.1 cm
Noise level
44 to 48 dB
295 watts
Model name
Apt 31785

Elevate your space with the Apt 20L Dehumidifier's unbeatable performance. The Apt Silent 20 Dehumidifier - a breath of fresh air.

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